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CONNECT INTERNATIONAL Intercultural Training Package consists of the following units, aimed at international staff:

“Dutch culture, communication and customs” training 

After this training participants will be well informed about the core values of the Dutch culture that tend to define people’s behavior and lifestyle, communication and manners. Participants will also learn about the most important customs, traditions and rituals that shape the nature of social occasions, celebrations and holidays in the Netherlands.

“Dutch business culture and etiquette” training 

After this training participants will be aware of the specifics of the Dutch business culture and etiquette. Among others, the following topics will be addressed: hierarchy in Dutch business culture; Dutch business strategy, planning and decision making process; meetings and negotiations in the Netherlands; perception of time in Dutch business culture; dress code and greeting rituals in Dutch business culture; the specifics of business communication in the Northern Netherlands; etc.

“Dealing with practical matters in the Netherlands” training 

After this training participants will be able to better understand how to find their way in the daily life in the Netherlands: what are the distinct features of the Dutch culture that influence typical every-day situations and how to deal with them without miscommunication and stress. Some of the topics being analyzed and discusses during the training are: Dutch healthcare system; public transport in the Netherlands; food culture and grocery shopping; typical Dutch household and its issues; interpersonal communication among friends, colleagues and family members; sports, social life and popular recreation activities; etc.

All trainings will be tailored to suit the unique context, needs and requirements of your company. The trainings can be delivered all over the Northern Netherlands. After each training participants will get an opportunity to send the trainer their questions not answered during the session. The trainings can be booked either as a package or individually. The language of all trainings is English.