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IWCN Webinar: How employers can support newly arriving internationals in this time of COVID-19


Date: Thursday 1 April 2021 at 10:00 hrs

Location: Online

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On Thursday 1 April 10:00-11:00, the IWCN in collaboration with the Expat Management Group, will be organizing a webinar about what employers and companies can do to help their newly arrived international employees settle during this period of remote working. 

The experience of moving to the Netherlands has changed dramatically since the end of February 2020 when the Covid virus affected our country. Unpredictable travel restrictions, quarantine regulations, the new way of working from home with TEAMS, Zoom and other platforms, restricted social life: limited visitors in the house and restaurants, bars, cultural institutes, gyms and shops closed.

For the Dutch these consequences have a significant impact. At the Expat Management Group we experience what it is like for internationals, who need to settle in their new location under these circumstances. In this session, we would like to share our experience and how we jointly can help this group making their stay in the Netherlands still a pleasant one.

We will focus on immigration regulations, Covid- and quarantine restrictions, programs we developed to support during the pandemic and suggestions for Human Resources and other colleagues for connection in this period.

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