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Connect Talk: How I got a Job in The Netherlands

Connect International Online Event

Date: Tuesday 13 April 2021 at 17:30 hrs

Location: Online Via zoom

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Non-Members Price: €5,00


For a new international in The Netherlands who lands without a job (normally the partner of the one who came for work), it usually takes time to find a new position here. It might be a long journey to discover how the labor system works here, if you have to validate your diplomas or experience, or if you might need to study more, or learn the basic Dutch language, among others.

The purpose of this talk is to hear from other internationals who have achieved a working position here what they have to tell that might be useful for others. In this case, our volunteer Sansan De Leon, from the Philippines, offered to share her experience.

"I am very excited to share my journey and what I’ve learned during my job hunting here in the Netherlands.  I came here in July 2020, and after a couple of months of settling in, began ramping up my job search. It was a very discouraging and difficult journey, as I did not speak Dutch and I had zero connections. And even though I had years of local experience thus making me a senior candidate, I didn't have enough global experience to be noticed here, In any case, after about 8 months total and 112 applications, I finally landed a job that fit my profile! And I am still getting calls for second-round interviews with other companies! I will tell you my experience and what I did. What worked for me and what didn’t. I am doing this because I’ve had many days when I wanted to give up the job hunt. I am hoping this talk can help keep a struggling soul out there motivated"...." I am also very grateful for IWCN for providing much support and activities for us internationals".- Sansan -

The topics would be about Applications, Networking and Interview Preparation, specifically during the pandemic. The presentation will be 30-45 mins, and about 15 mins of Q&A. 




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