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Entrepreneurship and Innovation WEBINAR #4

Connect International Event

Date: Wednesday 10 June 2020 at 17:00 hrs

Location: ONLINE

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Topic #4: Trivia:  Learn more about the details you must look out for when starting your business and all the information you must be aware of.  We will see if you have it all set to launch your idea and transform it into the real deal! After the trivia we will have a review of the different aspects included and doubts you may have so all participants can learn more about the step by step process of how to get their startup running.  

About the Webinar: Throughout each session we are going through different methodologies and tools that will help you identify new ways and opportunities to upfront the current crisis. Whether you currently own a business or look to start one, these sessions will help you identify new problems and opportunities to innovate or become an entrepreneur.  

Do not worry if you miss a session; every two weeks, each topic individually will provide you with the information and material needed for you to understand the methodology and apply it on your own. After attending the group session, if you have any doubts or require further assistance regarding something specific you can schedule a one-to-one meeting with the volunteer, who will give a diagnose of your situation for free in a 30 minutes session.  

If you want further advice you can agree with Belen on an independent consultancy meeting which could cost between 5 -10 euros an hour, depending on the business. That would be an agreement between Client-Consultant (independent from Connect International).

About our volunteer Belen Bustamante: "I am an innovative, passionate Ecuadorian consultant who thrives on problem-solving. I have been working as an entrepreneurship and innovation teacher for over three years in my hometown university and work as a consultant for big and new enterprises.  My goal is to help existing businesses find ways to adapt to the constantly changing market and help people, with a desire to become an entrepreneur, identify opportunities to solve real problems and build a successful business". 

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