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DORP Tour | Leeuwarden

Connect International Event in Friesland

Date: Thursday 15 July 2021 at 19:30 hrs

Location: Blockhuispoort, Leeuwarden

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The Netherlands is on a mission: to be completely independent of fossil fuels and scarce primary resources by 2050. To create a circular economy in which there is no longer any waste. Quite a challenge, right!?  Fortunately, DORP, is seizing this challenge and taking the lead.

DORP is a unique Living Lab where different disciplines take on the adventure, discover new things and innovate. DORPlings range from start-ups to artists and from technicians to students. The result? A rapid flow of concepts and experiments!

This year, they have some very exciting projects ready to be researched, tried, and tested!

Let's have a look at the projects of 2021:

Solar Parking

Circular Living

Circular Public Transport

Off Grid-Basecamp

Would you like an exclusive look at these projects? Then join us for a private tour where we will get the first look at these projects and give the DORPlings a chance to rehearse their pitch and presentation before their big debut at the WTTV Festival.

More information on DORP & WTTV Festival:

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