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Workshop: Return to Self to jump out

Connect International Event

Date: Wednesday 5 June 2019 at 14:00 hrs

Location: Paterswolde (via e-mail after registration)

Members Price: Free!

Non-Members Price: €10,00


Hello, my name is Harma Margrieta. As a member of the Connect community, I would like to invite to a special event on June 5. June 5 is International Soul Art Day. 3 years ago I joined this annual event for the first time. I was so touched by this life-changing event that I decided to join the certification training. Currently, I am a certified Soul Art Guide in several levels of the program. This year, to embark a new chapter in my life, I will be hosting my own Soul-Art workshop:

Return to self to jump out.

Speaking from personal experiences, I know moving to a new country can feel alienating and overwhelming. Everything is new, people, language, work. At moments it feels like “lost inside yourself and the world around you”. To create a new landing platform, in this workshop, we will start with tuning into where you stand now in your life, issues you are facing at the moment, followed by exploring the direction on where you want to move into. Often it's a hunch, an idea or a wish of what could be, yet not a clear vision, let alone you know how to do it.

To find answers, we carry a lot of inner wisdom and intuitively knowing inside us that offers clues, guidance, and clarity on how to move forward. It's that world beyond words and logic thinking. To access these deeper layers inside you, I will take you on a creative journey spiraling in into the intangible-invisible land of the unknown. In the creative process, the spirit-icon you create gives your inner world a face. In the next step, we will sit with the soul art piece for a while to receive its communication. Finally, I help you to translate the insights into a simple action to spiral it out into the outside world.

If this speaks to you, you feel inspired by this, I'd love to welcome you to my workshop. The creative process will be a mixture of dance, body-movement, energetic sketching, and intuitive painting. No specific art experience or artistic skills are required for this. I have space for two people and the workshop will take place in my studio-home in Paterswolde. Bus number 9 travels twice an hour between Groningen and Paterswolde. Its a ride of about 30 minutes.

Looking forward to meet you on June 5.

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