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New! Trip to Bourtange in Groningen province, Connect Travel Club

Connect International Event in Groningen

Date: Saturday 23 April 2022 at 10:00 hrs

Location: Bourtange, Groningen province

Members Price: Free!

Non-Members Price: €5,00

Event Registration closes at: 2022-04-21 18:00


This time we will go to Bourtange. 

Welcome in the year 1742!

Near the German border in the beautiful surroundings of Westerwolde (southeast Groningen), you will find the fortress of Bourtange. A unique historical defence which is without comparison. In this small, cosy fortress town, the present day and past centuries go together perfectly.   

The present day visitors of Bourtange feel like they're stepping back centuries in time, to see the fortress in its blooming years. Take a trip to the fortress which had never been conquered… We hope to see you soon in the year 1742!

More information about the fortress of Bourtange:

Important. There is no direct public transport to Bourtange on Saturdays. Our volunteers will pick you up from the Winschoten train station and bring you to Bourtange in their private cars. Because of this, we have set the limit on the number of attendees. The members of Connect International will have priority. By signing up for this trip you automatically agree to the use of private transport. The trip from Winschoten train station to Bourtange takes around 20 miutes by car. The details of the trip, exact time and the meeting point we will send one day before the trip. If you travel using your own car please mark it in the notes while signing up for the trip.

Costs: train tickets, guided tour €6,00-10,00 depending on how big the group is, visiting museums €5,50, shopping in souvenirs shops, lunch expenses. Non-members pay €5,00 towards organization of the trip.

Connect Travel Club:

Do you like to travel and are looking for like-minded people? Join our Connect Travel Club! 

Every two-four 2-4 weeks on Saturday we make day trips to Dutch towns and villages. We meet in the morning at our destination, usually at the train station. 

Anyone can join. Non-members pay €5,00 towards organization of the trip.

Your expenses: excursions, guided walks, transport (train, bus and other means of transport), drinks and food in cafes and restaurants, tips, souvenirs and so on.

What do we do during the trips:

Usually first we walk around the area ourselves or with a guide, then we have lunch, and after that free time or some kind of activity taking into account the local culture. Sometimes we have time left for shopping. When traveling to remote cities, where the travel time is more than 2.5 hours, those who wish can independently book a hotel.  We can discuss with those who wish in the Connect Travel Club WhatsApp group.

We plan the next destination one week before the trip and publish it in the description here.


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