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Connect International Event

Date: Thursday 15 February 2018 at 17:00 hrs

Location: IWCN office (Gedempte Zuiderdiep 98)

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One of the largest obstacles for internationals who want to settle down here in the north is the difficulty in finding the right jobs for them.  

From February on, once every two months from 17.00 to 18.30, the IWCN will host a free IWCN JOBCAFÉ at the IWCN office (Gedempte Zuiderdiep 98) in Groningen. Each IWCN JOBCAFÉ will proceed with different themes or industries. The objective of the IWCN JOBCAFÉ is for expats, their partners, and the international graduates and graduates-to-be here in the north to familiarize themselves with the companies in the Netherlands and vice versa.

On Thursday, 15 February, 17.00 to 18.30, our first IWCN JOBCAFÉ, together with PLAY_GRND, will start with ICT companies and the talents looking for jobs in the field. 

There will be 6 companies attending to give brief introductory information on what their company does and what candidates they are looking for. At the IWCN JOBCAFÉ, a profile will be created to coordinate which vacancies may be relevant to the participants.

If you are an ICT specialist who is looking for ICT related jobs in the region, feel free to sign up here for this free event by Wednesday 14 February at 12:00 and join the first IWCN JOBCAFÉ!  



Another company will be joining us!

Visy takes pride in solving operational problems for our customers. We specialize in gate automation and access control solutions in four main sectors; Ports and terminals, Customs agencies and border crossings, Intermodal and rail operations, and Industrial facilities. Our solutions enable our customers to streamline processes and therefore save money and increase productivity.



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