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Art Club: Papier Mâché

Connect International Event

Date: Thursday 6 July 2017 at 10:30 hrs

Location: @ Adeline's place

Members Price: €0,00 (Non-Members Price: €5,00)

Number of places left for this event: 10


This month, we are holding our workshops around the theme 'Recycling'!!

Do you have old newspapers lying around your home and have no idea what to do with them? Of course you can just simply recycle them and throw them away with old papers, card boards, etc., but this time, why not make your own art out of it? 

For July, our Art Coordinators will teach you how to make old newspapers into an art piece with papier mâché (a.k.a. paper mâché)! It'll be fun, creative, and at the same time, environmental-friendly! 

So come join us and bring your creativity with you!!



Please note! The registration for this event will close 2 days before the event. Please sign up before!



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