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A day on the water

In such heat water is so tempting, be it an ice-cold drink, a cooling shower, a refreshing rain, a stroll under the sprinkler in the garden or (the best of all) a day (oh, at least an hour!) by or on the water. Just thinking about water activities seems to be helping already. To make it easier for you to arrange a day on the water, we’ve decided to put together some addresses in the Northern Netherlands where you can rent a boat without the need of a sailing license.

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Here & Now in Groningen

The “Here & Now in Groningen” platform is an online personal recommendation agenda in English that allows you to access diverse cultural, networking and sport events in Groningen. Here & Now lets you choose events based on your own preferences, genres or even international-friendliness. Join us and choose between almost every activity in Groningen, from a cozy hobby meet up (that you can also submit yourself) to the mass concerts organized by the city’s biggest venues. The project is also part of International Groningen program which was recently awarded a Good Practice City Label by URBACT; the European fund for integrated urban development. Made possible thanks to RUG, Hanze UAS, UMCG, Provincie Groningen, Gemeente Groningen, cultural organizations and all the internationals in the city!

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