Lost Residence Permit

Here are the steps to follow when you discover your Residence Permit is lost or stolen: 

When you first get your Residence Permit, always make a copy (paper or digital) and keep it safe.  If you save the front and back image on your phone, you can easily find your V-number to put on a police report.

If it gets lost or stolen, report it to the police.  They will give you a certified copy of the official report.  When you send the IND your application for replacement, you will enclose a copy of this report.  You can apply for your new permit and see what it costs here:   https://ind.nl/en/Pages/Replace-residence-document.aspx

In The Netherlands, the fastest way to replace your lost or stolen Residence Permit is to go an IND office in person and pay there because the replacement process does not start until you pay.  If you do it by mail, they first must receive it and send you the invoice.  For most of us, the closest IND office is in Zwolle.

If you have travel plans, you may also need to purchase a Return Visa at an IND office.  Details and costs are here:  https://ind.nl/en/pages/appointment-for-a-return-visa.aspx.  In most cases it is €150.

While waiting for your replacement Residence Permit card, the IND can give you a residence endorsement sticker in your passport which shows you are allowed to reside here.   ​The sticker will show Your V-number, passport number, expiry date of the residence endorsement sticker and if you are permitted to work in the Netherlands.  The sticker is not a travel document.  There is no charge for the sticker.

If your Residence Permit is lost or stolen outside The Netherlands, report it to the police and get an official report.  If the report is not in Dutch, English, French or German, it must be translated by a translator certified by the Dutch court.  The IND website links to this source for translators:  https://www.bureauwbtv.nl.  When you send the application to replace the residence document, you enclose a copy of the official police report or a printout of the digital application.

If you are outside The Netherlands and you are from a country where you need a visa to come to The Netherlands, you will need to get one from the Dutch representation in the country where you are.  Please account for the extra time this takes when planning your return.

If you do happen to find your Residence Permit after making a police report, your document will be invalid.  You must return it to the IND and apply for a replacement.  If you apply by mail, you can then send your invalid Residence Permit to:
IND Bureau Documenten
P.O. Box 7025
8007 HA  Zwolle

It can be an enormous upheaval to discover that your Residence Permit is lost or stolen but, if it is, take a breath and take each step one by one.  This problem can be solved.




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