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What is a ‘Zoekjaar’?

The new ‘Orientation Year Highly-Educated Persons’ (zoekjaar) residence permit replaces, combines and extends the former Orientation year for graduates and the Orientation year for highly-educated persons permits. The new permit allows talented, highly-educated foreigners to apply for this residence permit within 3 years of completing a study or research project (specific conditions apply).

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Choosing and applying for secondary schools

It will soon be 15 March!  For whom is this an important date? Why is this an important date?  If you have children in Group 8 (final year) of the Basisschool (primary school) this is important for you.  The 15th of March is the deadline for registering for a secondary school.  You must apply before the deadline or your child risks not having a place at secondary school in September.

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Strictly Dutch

When you think about typical Dutch foods, stamppot, cheese and frikandel probably spring to mind. But there are also a few foods that are strictly Dutch, falling under the European Union PDO, PGI and TSG schemes that protect the reputation of regional foods.

The European Union quality schemes for agricultural products and foodstuffs first came into force in 1992. The purpose of the law is to protect the reputation of regional foods, help ensure producers receive a fair price for their authentic products, and stop the misleading of consumers by non-genuine products being sold under the same name. These laws protect the names of wines, cheeses, hams, sausages, seafood, olives, olive oils, beers, balsamic vinegar, regional breads, fruits, raw meats and vegetables.

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