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IWCN service partners

The IWCN has a wide range of reliable service partners for internationals living in the Northern Netherlands. The partners offer expert commercial services in various areas, including Housing & Relocation; Legal Services, Insurance & Finance; Tax Consulting; Health & Child Care; Payroll & HR; Travel & Leisure; Education; and Career Support. All of the partners of the IWCN offer services in English. So if you are looking for assistance in any of these areas, why not contact one of them to find out how they can help you?

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Kruidnoten Recipe

You know it is nearly Sinterklaas when the supermarkets and shops begin to fill up with chocolate letters, marzipan pigs and kruidnoten!

If you love kruidnoten, then you can buy them by the bag full, in a variety of flavours. This year I even saw mega 5kg sacks at Albert Heijn!

But the recipe for making kruidnoten is super easy! Just 5 ingredients and 30 mintues later and you will have a house smelling of freshly baked kruidnoten, and a bag full to eat.

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Changing energy suppliers

There are a lot of companies in the Netherlands offering energy services, all in their own way, so how do you go about finding one and switching to them?

We recently changed energy suppliers after being with our old one for some years, and I wish I had done it sooner! We should save €350 during our 1 year contract, and when that ends I will most likely switch again, unless our new supplier offers another nice deal.

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